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The STORY of Hotel 1110 begins with two people who fell deeply in love, partners, Lindarose and Dr. Nick Yaqub. Together they shared moments; laughing, exploring, imbibing and dining delicacies throughout the world. Those moments impacted their relationship so, that they became destined to incarnate their experiences with a Boutique Hotel. Together they dreamed and embarked on a new chapter in their lives. They purchased an unassuming building marked 1110 on Del Monte Ave with 17 rooms, a scenic rooftop deck and dining room, located just steps away from the beach. The two thoughtfully cared for each room incorporating features to compliment the very adventures of their love's past. In 2010, the venue was brought to a decadent remodel that was wonderfully executed by local interior designer, Nancy Williams and polished with fine artistic touches. 

Many parties and ten years later...Hotel 1110 has become the destination for lovers and friends with an 18 and over, no pets (except service dogs) policy to ensure that weekend feeling. Now in the dawn of the decade and after the loss of lovely Lindarose, Dr. Nick Yaqub carries on their dream, continuing as owner/operator with a vivid drive to create a special place for all of his guests. He hired a group of young professionals and artist to help him lead the business, welcoming innovation and creativity. The 1110 team now embraces the elegant history of the boutique hotel by enhancing the brand to curated experiences including engagement proposals, professional photoshoots and all inclusive wedding ceremonies. The curated packages are to become the new generation of 1110 and are currently being mastered for their release date of Spring 2022. Until then 1110 proudly brings people together to enjoy a fun place for a getaway.


(Photo of a photo) LindaRose, the beautiful original print is located in the Hotel 1110 Parlour bar.  For more photos of our hotel, please view our Photo Gallery.

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