Monterey Beach

Located across the street from Hotel 1110, surrounded by lush greenery, eucalyptus and cypress trees sits Del Monte Beach. This state beach acquired its name from historic “Hotel Del Monte”. The infamous luxury 20,000 -acre resort was originally purchased by one of California’s 4 railroad barons in the late 1800’s and remained open until 1942. The area became a vacation destination for the elite: American presidents, world leaders, famous artists, poets, movie stars and other notables all gathered here. The resort was later sold to the Navy which transformed it extensively into the Naval Postgraduate School we see today.

The calm waters of the beach allow for swimming boating and fishing. The clear view of the Monterey Bay and the Wharf make it a perfect place for a relaxing walk by the shore or sunbathing. Del Monte Beach sits along the Monterey Bay Recreational Trail which extends South to Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, and North towards Sand City and Seaside’s sand dunes.



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