We are proud to collaborate with and showcase our local artists of the Monterey Bay area. We invite guests to enjoy their art-work located throughout HOTEL 1110 premises. Roman Loranc’s fine black-and-white photography is tastefully mounted in our common areas and dining hall, while Ms. William’s  artistic skills speak through our crafty furnitures and fixtures of the lobby and each of our guest rooms.

Roman Loranc – Artist in Residence

roman lorancSome photographers believe their strongest work comes from exploring their immediate surroundings. “I think of myself as a regional photographer,” Loranc says, “but that does not mean the photography cannot be understood beyond the region. Right now people all over the United States indicate to me that regionalism, born of an informed attachment, has universal appeal.”

To contact Roman directly, please email him at:








Nancy Williams – Designer in Residence

  Coming Soon!


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